Cancellation Policy

At Capital Towing LLC, we take pride in being an honest and trustworthy company that provides expert towing and roadside services. And we certainly understand the frustration of unexpected or unwanted charges. So, before you order towing or roadside services, make sure you are 100% sure that you need the towing or roadside assistance service.

Once we hang up the phone, add you to our schedule, and head your way, there will be fees associated with our work. We must account for fuel, drivers/technicians, and many other overhead costs.

Return Policy

Once you order our services there are no cancellations or refunds, unless otherwise stated by management. After payment is received and processed, it is considered a non-refundable reservation for the tow truck, equipment, and operator/driver. Cancellation fees are charged in the amount of 100% of what was originally quoted during the scheduling process. All sales are final.

How to Cancel

Did your dead battery eventually start? Did you fix your vehicle’s issue before our towing or roadside assistance provider arrived to the scene? If you no longer need our services, cancel the service call as soon as possible. The faster you cancel the more lenient management may be with the cancellation policy-fee. If this is the case, please cancel by calling our 24/7 dispatch line at 956-900-1922.